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SharePoint 2010 Missing Generate File Plan Report Link

Recently I created a SharePoint Site Collection using Publishing Site template. I noticed that the Generate file plan report link was missing from the Document Library Setting under Permission and Management menu. I found a lot of article describing the Generate File Plan Report feature in SharePoint 2010 but hardly find any article explains how to enable it. I guess that link is not included in the template for a reason. Anyway, here are the steps to restore that link.

1.    Log in to the Site as a Site Collection Administrator
2.    Go to Site Actions, Site Setting, select the Site collection features under the Site Collection Administration
Figure 1

SharePoint 2o1o Site Collection Features

3.    Look for Reporting and hit on the Activate button next to it.

Figure 2

SharePoint 2010 enable reporting features

4.    Navigate back to Library Setting and the Generate file plan report link should be there

If you have a better suggestion, please share it.

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