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Documentum Set ACL using DQL

Documentum - Set ACL using DQL|

Permission Sets (ACL)|

Error occurred during query execution :[DM_QUERY_F_UP_SAVE]



I was trying to use a DQL statement to create a folder and set its ACL attribute. The following is the query.

Create dm_folder OBJECT SET object_name='testFolder' SET acl_name='MyACL' LINK '/MyFolder'

And I keep getting the error shown below.

Error occurred during query execution :[DM_QUERY_F_UP_SAVE] fatal: "UPDATE: An error has occurred during a save operation."

After spending some time researching for it, I found out that the 'MyACL' name need to exist in the Permission Sets before I can execute the above query. So, the next time you run into this error message while trying to update the acl_name, make sure the ACL name already in the Permission Sets (ACL).


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