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VS 2008 change default browser for ASP.NET MVC

Visual Studio 2008 change default browser MVC

VS 2008 change default browser ASP.NET MVC

Setting a Default Browser for Visual Studio 2008

If we do a quick search on Google "How to change the default browser in Visual Studio 2008?"

We’ll find many tips that say something like

  1. "Right click on any .aspx page or on a folder" in solution explorer and select Browse with...,

  2. Choose your Browser from the list

  3. Hit the Set as Default button

  4. and click the Browse button to start browsing or cancel to exit the dialogue box.

But, we will not get the "Browse with…" option by simply click on any folder or .aspx other than the Default.aspx page in ASP.NET MVC project.

So, when working on any ASP.NET MVC application, right click on the Default.aspx page to get the "Browse with…" option.

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