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See Object Explorer Details for objects in this folder

See Object Explorer Details for objects in this folder |

MS SQL Server Management Studio missing databases |

MS SQL 2008 Database missing tables|

Connect to MS SQL 2008 Server missing databases and tables


Several days ago, I was trying to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 on my hosting account. It connects successfully but I don't see any database when expanding the Databases folder. There is an unusual blue icon under the folder with the label "See Object Explorer Details for objects in this folder". Then I compared the build version of Microsoft SQL Management Studio on my machine and the SQL server 2008 version on the hosting account and I noticed that the version I have is not up-to-date. Everything are working correctly again after installing all the necessary service pack and critical update. If you come across this situation, first check the version of SQL Management Studio. Here is the step to check the versions. Then download/install the latest service pack or update from Microsoft website or run the windows update. I also found this link useful, it provides all the KB / Descriptions for all build.

Figure 1
Missing Database