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SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 Extension For BlogEngine.NET

Problem: I have been digging around on how to incorporate the SyntaxHighlighter with the BlogEngine 1.5. I am able to find tons of great article on how to install it or where to download it. But do not find many articles that “show us how to apply/use SyntaxHighlighter after the installation”. Below is a brief demonstration on how to incorporate the SyntaxHighlighter with BlogEngine 1.5 and how to utilize it.

1) Download SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 from

2) You will see two folders in the zip file namely app_code and SyntaxHighlighter. You will find SyntaxHighlighter.cs in the app_code folder, copy and paste it to your blog App_Code folder. Copy the SyntaxHighlighter folder into the root of the blog (c:\BlogEngine\ SyntaxHighlighter).

3) Log in to your blog and click on the extensions under the Control panel and unselect any brushes that shouldn't be loaded as well as choose the style to use.

4) For more information/ further reading:

5) To consume it: click on Add Entry, HTML icon



Place the code between the <pre> tag

SyntaxHighlighter with javascript and csharp code

Hit the update button after you done and below is the output from the above.


Happy coding, any comments are welcome.